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ARMKO Knives, father and son, have gathered for your viewing pleasure some of their humble efforts. Each, as characteristically divergent in their original styles as unique finger prints.

HARM on the range

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ARMKO Knives is a privately owned and operated company which was founded in 2003 in Durban South Africa, by AR Mahomedy who’s unique flare for design and knife making soon earned him a well deserved place amongst the top knife makers in the new South Africa. He did his first exhibition at the then local, Durban Easter Knife Show in 1994.  He holds the honour of being the first member of colour to be inducted into the prestigious Knife Makers Guild Of Southern AfricaHe has won numerous top honours at various exhibitions along the way and is a true testament of the high quality of knives that he produces.

His passion for knife making soon spread, and he was later joined by his eldest son Humayd AR Mahomedy under his personal brand,  HARM Edged Tools. HARM an avid knife enthusiast from an early age started making knives full time in 2002. HARM is very well known for his precision grinding on his signature Shark design and razor sharp finish both locally and abroad. Although their styles are in complete contrast of one another, they do bare the same spirit, integrity and overall quality craftsmanship that has become synonymous with the name ARMKO Knives.

When you buy ARMKO Knives, you buy the best.


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